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I used to have only my own pictures on the walls. Now I have prints by four other photographers - all of them APUG members, three of the prints I bought. Two of them joined APUG after I bought the prints, too!
I hope I am one of those APUGERs

I have sold (at ridiculously low prices) many prints to APUG members. I have, currently, no APUG member prints on my walls but will have some shortly. I do have art by other artists on my walls. I received them in trade or as gifts.

When I have money for art I buy the tools I need to make art. When I have filled my needs I will look at other artist's work and buy or trade for their art.

The problem that you point out is that creating art is a very difficult profession. I travel a great deal and shoot at least 10 thousand images a year. If I was as prolific in the production of paperclips or bubble gum as I am with photographs I would be a far richer man.