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Matthew Brady was one of the most famous Civil War photographers.

My great great grandfather fought at Gettysburg. I have his rifle, powder horn, bullet mould, record from the War Dept. regarding is wound, and the ticket he used to the 20th anniversary of the battle held at Gettysburg. I also have the newspaper that notes his enlistment along with his brother. We have photos of him from that era that still survive.

He was firing his rifle so fast that when he put in the ramrod, the powder ignited and blew the ramrod out, through his hand and he lost a finger. He fought for days with that untreated wound. The War Dept said that since he could continue fighting for several days that way, it was not considered a debilitating wound.

We had some amazing stories and photos from that era, many now lost, some still preserved. Among the lost are his dental tools (he was the company dentist as a side duty even though he was a carpenter by trade - the army was still the army back then. Round pegs in square holes.)

I still have most of his carpentry tools and those of his son, my grandfather, though.

Just a bit of nostalgic muttering. Sorry.

Muttering is good...

I enjoyed your family history. Very interesting. It reminded me of my Cousin when we were kids in Atlanta. Their family had a Civil War rifle handed down through the generations. On the gunstock were carvings of people's names and dates. It was neat seeing that and well as imagining another time and place. Whenever I see a rifle like that it takes me back to those happy times of my childhood.