I have to second Mr Blunt's statement. Yes it is downright ludicrous how people who want to become atists never actually purchase a photograph. What does one have to aspire to if not some higher goal. I've been buying prints for well over 25 years now- I should have bought much more not only for my own enjoyment but for the actual value. Have several Bravos I bought in the early nineties that have quadrupled. A $2000 investment is now worth well over $10000. But they are both great prints and I'll sell them only to further my artwork i.e. for supplies. When I attended a ZoneVI workshop many moons ago the instructors all sold some work at the end of the week. I have those prints too-they may never become valuble but they are still great art. I'm in the process of getting a print from an APUG'ER right now and have started trading with some others. This Forum is an unprecedented opportunity for anyone interested in Photography. I do believe the Gallery system can be undermined and the fact that someone sells their artwork on Epay makes it no less valuble; only an incredible opportunty for someone to purchase great art at reasonable prices. EW used to sell his work for $5!!! Remember that!!