Jim ... I agree with that ... this'll be my 3d workshop with Vaughn after a two-dayer in the SF Bay Area and his demonstration in the Redwood Country. So, I should have my PhD after this one.
One nice thing now is that Bostick & Sullivan has started producing the carbon tissues ... so for those who thought this process was a little too fussy for them, it has suddenly gotten a whole lot less fussy ... and the prints are unbelievable ... even if you don't do large format ... just digitize and print a large negative on a good printer ... it works great!)
So if you're still on the fence on this process, try one of the workshops ... either Vaughn's in Yosemite (4/15-18 ... deadline this Thursday for guaranteed housing at the Yosemite Lodge), Project Basho's in Philadelphia this coming week (2/27-3/1), or Sandy's in Jalapa, Mexico (this May) or in Michigan (6/25-26.)