Hey guys.

Tonight while starting to re arrange my darkroom I remembered when purchasing my 4x5 enlarger, the guy threw in this process lens too.

Now the last few weeks I've thought about moving up to 8x10 and contact printing, as I only ever enlarge up to 8x10 so it kind of makes sense. Upon remembering I had this lens, I was wondering if any of you guys could help me with any info at all on it. It's a W.A. Brown Mfg. Co. 9.5" Series 60 lens. Rolls from f8 through to f90 and seems in pretty reasonable condition.

Would it cover 8x10? How about 11x14 just incase I feel like being absurd! As I've been looking for an affordable way into 8x10 I'd thought about building my own camera as they're virtually impossible to find used here in NZ. Maybe I'll try and rug up a light tight box of some sort and try out some paper negs to see if it's worth following through any further, but any info any of you have on this beast would be most welcome.

Thanks a bunch.