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Thank you for the great article. As you can see from my avatar street photography is rather new to me. I enjoyed and learned from your article, but would like more. You said, “… I know and use the technical aspects of the medium, which are well known and I won't go into here.” I would like to go into them.

I have just finished “Henri Cartier-Bresson, a Biography” by Pierre Assouline. I read it because I like HCB’s composition and wanted to learn more for my LF work. Now I find that I am interested in learning more about the whole genre called Street Photography. Can you or others direct me to sources?

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John Powers
I'm glad that you enjoyed the article and that it helped you. By "technical aspects", I meant things that apply to photography in general...like average exposure, using the aperture to control DOF, shutter speed to control motion & sharpness, etc... .

I am working on a couple of articles about composition...the things I look for in a scene. You can register at the uCVc or subscribe to the RSS feed of my blog (I will publish the articles in both places) to be notified when I post them.