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If the goal is a platinum or palladium print, any opinions on Kallitypes toned in pt or pl? Sandy King has a good article at UnBlinkingEye on Kallitypes, and has asserted elsewhere that a platinum toned Kallitype is indistinguishable from a traditional platinum print.
I frequently choose this process when I want the color and tonality of palladium but don't want to make pure pd/pt prints. The toning method works very well, is easy to do, gives the color and tonality of pd extremely well, and it certainly saves money.
I label these a "Kallitype toned with palladium" on the edge of the print as well as in my notes.

I have tried Dr. Ware's method with some success. I have a humidifier in the darkroom which enables me to easily re-humidify the coated paper to a consistent level. The results are pleasing, but no more so than the traditional methods, and they are certainly more touchy and time consuming.

My preference is for the traditional method using a 1:4 mix of platinum to palladium, or straight palladium.