Around me at least, Ritz has always stunk. I never got it and I've never once bought a thing from them. Then again I always had Adray Photo just down the block. Not many were better, but even they are now closing shop. IMO it is not the economy, it is Best Buy and all the other elctronic/appliance stores that have the current crop of "cameras" at better prices. The only thing they are missing is the high-end and pro stuff... and who buys that anymore? At least not at a volume that will keep a speciaty store like that open. Even their processing labs can't compete. I can order my snapshots on Snapfish and have them ready at the corner Walgreens before I can even get there. It's sad to be sure, but unless they start finding a way to market to a much broader niche market, even the best shops that still exist outside of big city centers are only marking time before they too shut down.