I've had mixed experiences shopping at Ritz (and Wolf Camera in Charlotte, NC, which is the same company). At times I have gotten absolutely great service... but, my feeling is that most Ritz Camera employees won't talk to you unless you're waving your money around, and most of them don't actually know that much beyond sales techniques and the latest SPIFFs on cameras. Even if you have been a regular customer and have ocassionally dropped a lot of money on gear... they usually have other things to do. I've heard some of their sales people tell outright lies to uneducated customers, and even seen them sell polarizing filters (not UV/Sky filters) as "lens protection," which is patently ridiculous. But, enough ranting... Chapter 11 doesn't mean they're out of business (yet), but they have definitely lost at least a part of their business because people like me finally had enough abuse/indifference from their sales staff.