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I'm sure this has been done to death; I even checked my own posting history to make sure I, in my senescence, hadn't already asked.

What kind of bag do you all like for a 4x5 field camera (Chamonix 45n-1), three lenses in boards, film holders and readyloads, etc, a few small gewgaws?
Lowepro Phototrekker AW II.

This bag has a bunch of huge advantages for me. It's big enough to carry:

Shen Hao 4x5 (similar size to your chamonix).
3 x lenses in lens wraps
meter (sekonic l558)
~10 film holders
assorted filters, cable releases, etc
Dark cloth (actually two black T-shirts in my case), ready load box, polaroid/readyload holder, etc.

It has an accessory backpack that clips onto the back which I find very useful for holding my dark cloth, accessories and film (e.g. if I'm bringing a readyload box & holder I put it in there, plus boxes of misc. loose film for travel), water bottle if I'm hiking, etc.

Very versatile bag. The all weather cover is useful too, if it gets wet and I'm outdoors. It has a tripod mount on the side (can be located on the rear if you're not using the clip-on accessory backpack) which carries my hefty 055B Pro manfrotto just fine.

It's pretty much the perfect bag for my 4x5. Access is quick, yet its easy to carry around. Not only can you wear it like a backpack but it also comes with a carrying handle, and I think it even has an included shoulder strap so you can lug it that way if you prefer (not sure where mine is as I never used it). While it is a backpack, it's also a very useful all-around bag for working from the car - no compromises here. I've used it that way quite a bit (especially during really cold winter months, not that I face so many of those now that I've moved to the west coast).

I've yet to find a "perfect" bag for my 35mm stuff (I keep jumping from bag to bag hoping to find the right solution), so I'm kind of picky... and this phototrekker AW II fits a 4x5 field system perfect.