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Well :rolleyes: it's up to me to decide what "significant degradation" is when I use my lenses. Right?
Absolutely correct!!

... And it is up to ME ... when I use mine ... etc., etc.

... And to me any unnecessary degradation... and anything in the light path that increases the likelihood of flare etc.... is unacceptable.
Zounds!! This PROVES that you and I are different!! - Although it seems apparent that no proof was necessary in the first place.

... the damn filter -which had fingerprints on it- was stuck on there. I had to dremel it off, and it was basically impossible not to damage the lens threads while doing so ...
Sad!! There is a method with a prick (not attempting to be funny re: the "circumcision" reference) or center punch and a jewelers hammer - envision the mechanics of an impact driven screwdriver. A very gently driven impact screwdriver. MUCH gentleness!!!
With patience, that has never failed me.

As to the Dremeled filter threads - Are they a great loss? I don't suppose you would use them anyway.

Anyway, back to glass cleaning theory...; ) surfactants micellize crud. That's why soap works in the shower. Water alone does not take off oil, and oil is what causes crud to stick so strongly that you cannot simply blow it off, so...
An interesting observation - but a solution for a problem I don't have ...