When I lived in America, I knew to avoid Ritz like it was SARS and keep walking until I found a local place that attended to its clients. Places like Ivey (Seattle) and Procolor (Minneapolis) stand out in my mind. I understand that neither exist any longer, though.

It's all a matter of time before our analogues here Black's and Japan Camera get tossed. I'd love to say, "Black's is . . . Digital Imaging . . . oh wait, liquidated" given how oblivious to film and processing services they were on the last handful of visits. One can buy a photo album and frame practically anywhere (Zellers and Wal-Mart, hello?) and go to a kiosk in a much more convenient place (like a Shoppers). Even shoppers who find the mall convenient will often find a Shoppers or Rexall inside the mall (pharmacies in shopping malls in Canada is common; in the U.S., not so much).

I'll keep going to my locally-owned and -operated labs for as long as possible!

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I sure hope someone from Ritz is reading this thread and this other one.

Bad customer service and poor experiences have been repeated over and over.