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I feel for Cord Camera, which recently closed their area stores here. Now that was a good company.
The last time I went to Cord (about 4 years ago), they had a new operator who printed my 27 rolls of a spring desert trip about as badly as possible, magenta skies, too dense, even with an EI 2/3 stop more than box speed. I asked for a full reprint, but the manager wanted me to go through all >1000 prints at the counter and make notes on how to correctly print each one. She was always sullen and resented having to deal with customers, not just me.

Maybe it was a good company, but they needed better employees.

The last time I went to Ritz they were still printing optically. I had to return the prints and tell them to clean the printer lens, which was badly fogged on the outer surface and losing a lot of contrast.

Any store that relies on the margins from camera sales is not going to survive long, especially in the current economy.