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I inherited an old Ansco folding camera a few years ago. Model No. 1A Junior. Cosmetically not so great but the bellows appears to be light tight, the lens clear and the shutter and aperture seem to work. I would love to use this old camera. The problem appears to be finding film that fits. I am not certain but I seem to remember my grandfather saying that this camera used 640 roll film.

Does anyone know if that is correct? If so, is it possible to find 640 roll film?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Steve Wilson
I think you mean 620 film. It is dimensionally the same as 120, and in some cameras 120 will fit just fine. If not, there are sites in the web that illustrate how to reroll 120 onto 620 reels. The 620 reel is a smidge shorter and smaller in diameter than 120. One of Kodak's dastardly plans.