I've lived in Sacramento and that's why I know about Pardee's. I realize that many people locally there say the same thing about the business, but I have yet to experience anything that would force me to stop patronizing them. I will say that there is one gentleman there who was rather cold, but otherwise he wasn't rude to me. I've spoken to the lady there...the co-owner I believe, and she was quite nice with me.

The prices for TRi-X (in 120, don't know about 35mm) there are far more cheaper than buying from b&h, so naturally I'll buy it from them. B&H will not ship Rodinal either, sure Freestyle will. But I can still get it from Pardee's and be on my way. As long as I can do business with them...I will not stop going there. If you know what you need, go in and get out. That's it.