dry mounting can also harm prints if it is not done right.
both over heating+nasty stuff impregnating the emulsion,
and if non-archival tissue is used ... it will cause harm in that way as well.
i dry mounted images when i was a college student, for 1 out of 7 semesters
(window mounted the other 6 semesters ) ... and now, only 23 years later,
all the dry mounted prints i had have released from the boards and the tissue is stuck to the back of the prints ....
yes, i used archival mount tissue, and a press that was set correctly,
and no the prints were not stored in adverse+humid or extra dry conditions ...

i don't really see a need to dry mount ... and neither do galleries / frame shops who
i have worked with over the years ..
but then again ... your mileage will always vary from what is stated on the sticker in the window ..