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I was in a Walmart once and picked up a box of Zeiss branded optics cleaners for around $3 for a pack of something like 50. Basically, similar to the hand wipe pads. Some sort of alcohol on them and a soft "cloth". That being said, I won't use them on my lenses. I use them on the "cheap" filters that protect my lenses (already contributed my thoughts to the poll).

I've gotten some really ugly vintage lenses on ebay (optars, steinheils, tessars) and Windex and a soft cloth has done wonders.

I was standing in the checkout line at Walmart with my dog food, cat food, and toilet paper when I did a double take; there on the endcap were the Zeiss lens wipes you mention! I couldn't believe it! At Walmart??? I bought a package and tried them on my lenses, and they are wonderful! I now carry a few of the little pouches in every camera bag.
Of course, Walmart being Walmart, I never saw them again. But I did some searching, and B&H carries them, too.