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Good to see that some of the Argentum products are reaching the US market. I don't know if you ever got any camera for review from them, but I put in my word (whatever weight that has!) for you.
Not yet, but Istvan is making me one to try out. I hope to eventually sell the Argentum cameras, as well.

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I've no experience with their contact frames but I know their cameras are well built. And they age very nicely, with the wood slowly darkening. So, anyone deciding to buy one of these frames, I believe, is going to be happy.
The sample they sent me was very well made. It is made from white ash - a hard wood with very straight grain (the same wood used to make baseball bats). It is also heavier, and lighter in color, than the cherry wood they use for their cameras and holders. I like that they are matching the type of wood they use to the application.

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I am in the market for a contact frame but in this case, I thnk I'll see if I can get hold of the guys at Argentum directly, as it seems pointless to ship it over the Atlantic and back.
Yes, definitely. The selling price is the same (within a few percent depending on the exchange rate at the time), but it wouldn't make sense to ship it back and forth across the Atlantic. The frames are heavy (the 24x30cm one weighs about 4 lb. 14 oz. (about 2.2 kg). So, international shipping x2 would be quite expensive.

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