Mike Ware recommends Buxton or Silversafe, neither of which are available at reasonable prices in the USA (Ruscombe Mill is $18/sheet). I tried Arches Platine but got horrible reaction (sensitizer turned to green/blue). I fixed this with citric acid but still get a terrible speckled effect from bad absorption (even after adding some Photo-Flo).

I know this is the Platine paper causing the problem because when I coat an old sheet of Crane's 100% Cotton resume paper, I get a very smooth, consistent tone (this paper is too thin and falls apart in the wash, but it is smooth ;-)

So, what is the best paper to use for a reasonable price? Or, am I stuck using $18/sheet paper? I am looking for something smooth that will maximize the resolution of the final print. Thank you!

P.S. It seems like the New Cyanotype formula doesn't respond to Hydrogen Peroxide as original cyanotype. Have others found this to be true?