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Ian, what would be the conversion for using Phenidone in Edwal 10? I have more of that on hand than Metol and besides, have a slight Metol intolerance so I try to not use Metol whenever possible.
The ratio of Phenidone instead of Metol varies depending on the exact formula but generally the Phenidone should be between 1/6th and a 1/10th the weight of Metol needed. Most formulae it's closer to 1/8th-1/10th.

Looking at the Phenidone/Glycin formulae I have it's 1.75g of Phenidone to 50 Glycin, so using the same ratio in Edwal 10 would indicate you need o add 0.525gms Phenidone in place of the 5 gms Metol.

Hope that helps