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I often shot the Capitol, Supreme Court, Jefferson & Lincoln Memorials in the 1980's. If I used my view, and tripod, I needed a permit. They were easy to obtain. At the Capitol, it got to the point where I would just call the person who issued the permits. She'd tell me to go ahead. When I was approached by Police, they'd call her, and she'd OK my presence. Same with the NPS, and shooting the monuments. It didn't require a lot of effort....
After the Oklahoma City bombings, things changed a bit. At the Capitol, I was limited in where I could set up, and escorted by an officer. I haven't tried post 9/11, though.
I'm almost convinced that the only reason photography is being stifled is because it is a convenient way to restrict freedom of the press. You stifle photography of federal buildings and of police officers and suddenly you've got control over what sorts of imagery gets published when it comes to political issues and issues of police conduct. Sure press might be able to get passes, but suddenly you've got the power to issue passes to whomever you feel like and arrest people who don't have them. In other words, no more free press.

Whether that's by design (I strongly suspect it is) or by coincidence, that's the ramification.

You're sure as hell not going to stop a terrorist attack that way.