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When I've had a good quantity of an item to sell, I've used individual prices with a discount if you bought a greater quantity.
ie:$10 ea., five to ten $9 ea, ten or more $8 etc.
Another suggestion is Pay for ten, get eleven.
Shipping these isn't going to be cheap as the quantities get larger, They're pretty heavy to ship(postage-wise) when you start dealing with ten or more

Not if he ships them to san jose. Heck, just throw them in the river and I'll pick them up in San Pablo Bay.

A fun thread.

Good luck selling them. You should get 10 bucks a piece if they are in as good a shape as you say. The problem with EBay these days is the only one making any money is the USPS.

tim in san jose
p.s. The $100 for 20 offer still stands.