Hello everyone!

Am so happy to have found this group! My experiences lately with both 'Camera Clubs' and 'Digital Enthusiasts' have left me looking for people who share a love for traditional photography.

Most of what I would say regarding the above has been covered in other threads, by better writers than myself, so I won't beat dead horses...much.

Re: Digital. My only gripe is when the attitude of the person preaching digital to me seems to be: 'It is not enough that Digital Suceed, Film must also Fail'. I don't see why it has to be one or the other, both can exist in parallel. I prefer traditional photography, I don't need to justify it.

Re: Camera Clubs. Conformity...lack of intelligent comment...exclusive groups within groups...massive exodus to digital.

The last meeting I attended the winning color print was a beautiful composition of three WWII fighters in perfect formation against a glowing sky. Later I was told the picture was done by taking an original shot of three 1/4 scale model planes hanging in an airport lobby somewhere in the USA. They were lifted out via PS and placed against a sky of clouds with golden light suffusing through the clouds also courtesy of PS.

If that floats your boat, great, but I'm heading a different direction.

If anyone can direct me to a resource that would help me figure out how to get my photos to a postable state I would appreciate it. All I have is a flat bed scanner.