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I have recently bought a Durst M605 enlarger, with a 50mm condenser (Siriocon 50) and 50mm lens (Rodenstock Rogonar). Lens is mounted on Siriotub mount, so it is closer to the negative holder. When I want to enlarge up to 18x24cm format, everything is OK, but for anything beyond that, I cannot place the lens close enough to the negative.
I have a Durst M605 but with the colour head. I use a Nikon 50 mm lens on a Siriotub and have no problem getting large images. You say you cannot get the lens close enough to the negative holder. I may be wrong but I thought that as the image got bigger you move the lens away from the negative to achieve focus. Have you tried racking the lens down?

BTW you can project onto the wall with the M605 by loosening the knob on the LHS and rotating the head around the supporting spigot. There is also an extension column available to extend the column height.

Hope this helps