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I switched from Ammonium Citrate to Potassium Oxalate a while back, much prefer the warmer tones PO has even at room temperature on Platine, also the dichromate method has been much more consistent compared to the ratio method which obviously uses AC. If you do heat AC make sure not to go over 120 F, last time i did that i had some strange results. In Dick Arentz's book on platinum printing there is a table on page 96 regarding heating AC and PO, you might want to take a look at.

I saw an exhibition a couple of years back in Stroud where there were a good number of 31 Studio's prints show, they were outstanding, it was great to see so many well known prints in one room. Paul and Max Caffell are execptional platinum printers and have printed for many great photographers, hope they have another exhibition sometime.
Yeah I'm a bit gutted that I've got the citrate now instead of the oxalate. I phoned up B&S but the price for shipping one bottle is rediculous. :-( Is there any where in this country I can source it? Should have bought some off Paul and Max when I was up there. They are working on an exhibition in Italy soon showcasing 21 years of their work at the mo.