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JArvman...what was it about his coating techniques that did it for you? In what way was it different? What papers was he using and did they humidify, acidify, etc...?

Tell us everything! ;-)

The way he used a tilted easel rather than laying it on a flat surface and started from the top of the print and gently lifted the top edge of the paper allowing the solution to flow down the paper. This he did in sucessive brushstrokes down the paper until it began to pool at the bottom then he began to draw the excess away with the same brush where the tape was and drain it back into the pot. The coating was exceptionally even though. Apparently there is a slight difference in exposure at the bottom but this must be factored in when printing. Obviously everyone has their own way of doing things but this seems to work for them. He was quite blase about humidity really. There was a humidifier in the room but obviously when you're that good you're totally intuitive about the process. The paper they use 90% of the time is arches aquarelle. I was in complete awe being there.