I had tried an air purifier of the ionizing type but found the ozone it was producing gave me headaches, so I switched to the forced air type.

Just when I think I'm ready to start printing I find more things I need to do to the room. I'm determined to do it all right this time so am being patient and getting everything 100% before diving in. Currently I share my darkroom with the washing machine, my home office, and some excercise equipment. I am finding between me and my wife going in and out of the room all day there is a lot of dust getting in. I've decided to put up another wall so the darkroom is totally self contained and not affected by household traffic. I think this will really help a lot. In hind sight I should have done this to begin with! ugh. Luckily my neighbor is a builder so it shouldn't be too painful to have him put a wall up.