I think you'll find it was the RX (reflex) Bolex which used a modified version of the 'C' mount, to compensate for the prism positioned in the light path to feed the viewfinder.

A non RX C-mount lens (not to be confused with CS mount, which does have a different flange focal depth) will work fine on other C-mount movie cameras, such as the Beaulieu R16, Eclairs, non-reflex Bolexes etc. They can be used on the reflex Bolex as well, but need to be stopped down a couple of stops to remain sharp.

The C-mount has a relatively shallow flange-focal depth compared to most other mounts, which means there are a wide range of adapters to use other forms of lens with a c-mount camera - the adapter just needs to hold the alternative lens the correct distance away from the camera.

Finding adapters to use C-mount lenses on cameras with different mounts will be more difficult, as in most cases the rear of the lens would need to be positioned inside the body of the camera behind the normal mount, and in the case of movie cameras with mirror shutters you might even find the shutter gets in the way as well!

You mention it has a motorised zoom control, but to be of much use on alternative movie cameras it'd need to have manual aperture and focus controls.