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Yup - seems that the big box stores want ALL the market - not just their share! Do you think if they actually put all the others out of business they'd still have such low prices?
Yes they will.

They research the best price point and then strong arm vendors to build to the price point. The world economy now means that if you can't get it for 9.99 from one company/country, another will be happy to oblige. The resulting product may be crap (as most are now), but they have yet to reach the point where the consumer revolts. As options disappear a revolt will not be feasible. When and if we want our widgets to last, the price disparity of the super giants buying power and the small vender willing to produce a good product will be too vast. If it isn't already.

The big boxes need to continue on this trajectory even if they become the only players. As they need growth (the share holders need to be fed), and to do this whilst real spending power drops means that products must also drop in price.

Stagnant wages, such as we've had for the last 10 years, are masked by the charade that we can buy more with our dollar.