I shoot almost exclusively mono (5x4..8x10 soon) and have been happy metering for Zone 3 shadow detail and then dealing with the fall of highlights by expansion, contraction etc or pyro devs. How would you suggest that I use my spot meter effectively for colour. I had to do some colour in a rush and have 7 rolls 120 exposed but undeveloped......hmmm

I ask, as If I have done something wrong I will dev one roll and then push pull the others accordingly. I would like to know peoples thoughts on sound colour spot metering first so I know what I should expect to see if that makes sense.

Basically I looked for a midtone, metered that for zone 5. I then checked the fall of highlights and shadows to check shadows fell where I wanted (guestimated they should) and the same for highlghts. I then made the usual sacrifices by stopping down if the highlights looked like they were going to blow or opening up if the shadows were going to block....hardly scientific. As I cannot visualise colour values in the same way (used TTL when I used to do colour years ago), I hope I have not gone far wrong. Needless to say, I bracketed...a lot.