I just checked out my new apartment; we are moving there tomorrow. The spare bedroom (soon to be the man room) actually has washer-dryer hookups, with two spigots, and in between them, is what appears to be a blank drain hole. It's a bit weird to me because I expect a drain to have some kind of fittings on it, but I guess you are supposed to just stick the drain pipe from the washer down the hole.

Anyway, this should be good news for darkroom use, but I'm trying to figure out how to make both the running water and the drain useful. I could just use a big funnel and drain my liquids down the hole, but I know I've seen trays with a drain hole in the corner. As for the spigots, I'm not sure how to make them useful either. I could attach short lengths of garden hose to each of them, but I don't know how I would keep water from getting everywhere. Maybe I would have to get a little sink and hook it up somehow.