You can buy (Lowes, Home Depot, hardware store) washer hookup hoses. They are metal wrapped flexible hoses with female-threaded fittings on both ends. One hose for hot, one for cold. They are standard faucet size and would hook up to the spigots for your sink just fine.

Drainage could be more a problem, if the drain outlet is located higher up the wall than you'd want the bottom of your sink to be. You may have to drain the stuff into a bucket and then siphon it out into the drain outlet. The drain outlets for washing machines never have any fittings, because washer drain hoses are just, well, hoses that empty quickly; they are relatively large in diameter, and you just shove them down into the drain hole in the wall box. Simple, and works.

Bottom line, those connections would work fine for a darkroom sink or even a Jobo processor with a temp mixing panel, with a bit of ingenuity.