I was in Big Bend a couple of times in June with a 12X20 and the heat was god awful. Would like to go back sometime when it is cooler. Beautiful place and lots of photographic opportunities.

Send me a pm to sanking@clemson.edu. We have 12X20 holders in stock but need to check your dimensions.

BTW, did you know Luc Novvitch (spelling?). He had a gallery in Marathon for a few years, the Sotel Gallery I believe it was called, but appears to have left the area.


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Sandy...I never go in the summer for obvious reasons. Usually go Jan.-March and at Chisos Basin it is usually 20 degrees in the AM when I get up at 5am. I will be giving the cart a trial run this weekend with a 1 mile trek at a lake near my home and if all works out Big Bend is 10 hours away....And by the way, do you have any cherry 12x20 holders in stock?...cherry would match the Lotus.........Tav