Go to Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards or whatever you have. Look at plastic laundry tubs: you ought to be able to get one for somewhere in the range of $10-$20. Get an inexpensive faucet set to go with: Maybe $5$-$10. Get laundry hookup hoses to run from the water outlets to the fittings on the faucet set. Get a length of drain hose and a hose clamp. You ought to be able to get the whole thing for $30-$40 or less. My laundry sink is large enough to hold an 11x14 tray; I use it as a holding tray, and then wash negatives and prints when I'm ready. The chemical trays sit on a cheap table; check second-hand stores, Goodwill, etc. I made mine but I had some spare lumber laying around.