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Thanks to all for the info, this site is a terrific resource. I don't think cold is an issue - I live in Nebraska, and I was the only motorcycle rider on the interstate this morning on the way to work. It was 22F.

I am really looking forward to the visit. Any pointers on carrying film & equipment on the airlines?
I always carry my film in 'carry-on' luggage, and politely but Firmly ask customs to hand check the film. Sometimes they start giving the spiel about their x-ray machines being film safe. But if you persist, they will relent. Last week an NZ customs officer was rather puzzled by my LF kit showing up in the x-ray machine. He pulled me aside, not knowing what it was, and clearly didn't know whether to believe me when I said it was a camera. :o

Heidelberg - hope you like architecture. It is absolutely beautiful there. Check out the University.