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The memory/narrative argument I'm trying to make is to show that 35mm is a particular interface, a particular way of dealing with the world.

Of course, I had to coat it all with layers of rhetorical flourishes and poetry, but that's how I was feeling that day...
So what exactly are you saying then? It's not necessarily about 35mm format at all, but more about roll film (which 35mm format usually is).

I cut your paragraph in two to better illustrate which way I swing concerning a 35mm frame as a "snippet." One way to understand snippet is as a low amount of data, measurable in bits (the first part of your paragraph). Another way of understanding a snippet is as a fragment of reality that is not fully explained by history, context, or storyline.
Michel, honestly? It really comes off that you're secretly obsessed with the resolution differences that you're claiming aren't the point in the first place.