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No matter how close or far (within reason) you are to something shot with a telephoto - it will never mimic natural perspective
It will, but if you hold the print in your hands it shouldn't be enlarged to more than postage stamp size. If taken with a 200 - 300mm lens, 35mm format, the perspective will appear normal on a contact sheet held at a normal ~10 inch viewing distance.

A problem with the 'magic' distance is that the eyes pick up distance ques from the position of the eyeballs and the focusing of the eye - just like a rangefinder. If you are viewing a picture of mountains with the correct perspective part of the visual system will insist the mountain is 10" tall. Viewing a small print through a large magnifying glass - with all the geometry correct - can provide a startling 3-D view.

Sinar had an example in their view camera book that provided a startling effect: a view down from the ceiling of a cathedral taken with a wide angle lens. When viewed with a magnifying glass at a distance so that the image filled the entire angle of view the effect was quite vertigo inducing.