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A submersible pump? Would you put it in a bucket or something, and maybe get a float switch?
If it was me, and I wanted to maximize functionality without a major replumbing, I'd do exactly that. The sink would drain into a 5 gal bucket and a submersible pump from the bucket to the drain.

Now, the apartment is on the second floor. Assuming the pipe runs straight down at least a couple feet, one could possibly stuff one of those check-valve-ended quick-siphon hoses down the pipe low enough to simply start a siphon.
My guess is that you'd tire of this fairly quickly. I'd be easier to go to your funnel approach. I'd use one of those large funnels with the long flexible spout.

I think gravity feed is the way to go. If I get a pump like that I can never brush my teeth or shave in the sink, which I may want to do, having only one each of wife and bathroom. It's true that the sink will be inconveniently high, but at least I'm tall.
I'm not sure that a pump would preclude tooth brushing or shaving. Certainly a sump type pump would not. But I agree that gravity feed is best (gravity hasn't failed us for many, many years ). But, even without a trap under the sink, it likely would raise the sink up high. If not too high, that's the way to go.