Hi everyone,
I'm new to the group, so bear with me.
In any event, I'd like to tell you about my analog-digital-back to analog conversion (I wish changing religions was that easy).
I had quite a few analog (film) cameras over the years, rangefindrs, slr's, you name it. The best of the crop was - believe it - a Zenith, with a selenium-powered light meter (no batteries) and a decent Helios lens. I got that from a neighbour for $50.00 and I had it for close to 10 years.
I went through the digital conversion slowly - first a 2.3 MP Fuji MX2900, an amazingly reliable and decent camera, then came a few hits and misses (bought one, returned it, bought another, returned it). Then I found an absolute delight of a camera, the Contax i4R, barely larger, than the old Minox spy camera, with a Zeiss Tessar lens and a 4MP sensor - takes fabulous pictures in the right environment. The real credit to this engineering marvel however goes to its construction - I left it once on my car's hood, fell off, hit the pavement, another car went over it. You think that was the end?Think again. It works like a charm, a couple of bruises here and there, but the innards are find.
I eventually talked myself into a digital SLR as well (a Christmas present for myself), a Sigma SD14, but it went back too - way too big and bulky.
So, I was on a hiatus of sorts, when I linked up with a fellow in Belgium (I'm in Canada) who suggested that instead of chasing after the fast-obsolete latest digicam, why don't I invest in a film scanner. Huh?
Now the bug was in my ear and after having spent some time studying the subject, I decided that I'm going back to film. Shoot a roll, get the negative developed, then scan the strips and work with the image. My first test scan came out so good - I put it up on my PC as a desktop.
It IS the real thing - after all, with 4800x9600 resolution, I'm getting a digital image, equivalent to 42 MP (give and take).
Nothing comes even close.
Being a fan of Zeiss lenses, I then started to chase after a couple of Contax bodies and now have 2 - a 137MA with a built-in winder and my latest acquisition, a fabulously simple, all-mechanical S2. The lenses: 1.7/50 Planar T* and 1.4/50 Planar T*. I'm eyeing an East German Zeiss Flektogon 2.4/35 wide angle.

And this is just the start.


ps I alsmost forgot: I also had a laser-drilled pinhole adapter custom-made that fits both my SLR's. Pinhole photography - as many of you probably know - is the latest craze.