I've been banging around APUG for a couple of week now, I've even posted a couple three photos to the critique gallery, so I think it's time to introduce myself.

My name is Bob and I live near Denver, Colorado. I got into photography 27 years ago when my daughter was born. Since 1988 I've made my living doing something in photography. I've been a pro photographer, a lab manager, a custom printer, etc etc. For the last eight years I've operated a small custom photo lab business. About a year ago I suddenly realized that I had not made a photo for myself in almost five years. All I've done is make photos for other people. So I closed my business to all (except long time regular customers) and jumped back into what I love doing most.... photography.

Recently I've been involved in putting up a web site, http://www.bfphoto.com/UptownGalleries/ , reconditioning a Burke & James press camera (and using it), and experimenting with Defender 777 b/w film developer. It's very handy that I have a great darkroom and now it's all mine...... well almost.