I guess I get to be first this year as I am apparently the first one to recover and have nothing else with which to satiate my G. A. S. (gear acquisition syndrome). So here goes.

Mamiya RB67 Pro-S body
90mm Sekor f3.8
No. 1 extension ring
RB67 120 film back
RB67 Pro-S 120 film back
Waist level finder
(2) dark slides (back were cheap and sans)
15 rolls of Arista.edu 120

(3) Graflex 4x5 sheet film holders
(1) 50 ct box of Arista.edu 4x5 sheet film
(1) zippered belt bag to hold up to six holders
(1) Graflex 4x5 roll film adapter

One 645 negative carrier for my Lucky enlarger
One 75mm Lucky enlarging lens
two contact printing frames
three 8x10 dev trays
three 12x16 dev trays
4x5 daylight processing tank
Gralab Darkroom timer
Red safelight
250 sheets of Arista Premium RC/Glossy paper
Paper safe (holds 100)
Chemicals galore
a couple of older photography books
Rubber stamps for my prints
neg sheets
Sham wows (for drying prints)
Extra enlarging bulb
Graduates and bottles
Blackberry cell phone (RIM) for darkroom music (Aw, who am I kidding)

I know there is more but that is pretty much it from memory. WHEW!