brian d--where in Indiana are your flea markets? Mine is in Lafayette!
I go to several when I can, the Croy Creek flea market east of Brazil is once or twice a month and can be a good one. One of my kids goes to it often and tells me someone brings a box-o-camera's most of the time. One of my realist's came from there. the WRVAA Tractor show at Elnora has a fairly nice flea market in Sept.
If you can get down to Friendship in june during the muzzle loader shoot the market there is huge or at least it was as of 4 years ago.
Where and when is the market at Lafayette? I go there most years for the Feast of the Hunters Moon.
I dont know if its true or not but people used to tell me that the flea market during the tractor show at Portland is one of the biggest in the country ( I find it a little hard to believe)