Do you want this year's GAS or a cummulative total? Like Ralph, cataloguing everything I have is a very time consuming task. To keep the list manageable, I'll just do the last two months:

Top-RF Crown Graphic 4x5
Ektar 127mm lens
Nikkor-W 150mm f5.6
Nikkor-SW 90mm f8
3 Grafmatics
Calumet C-2 roll film back
2 lens boards (flat & deep) for a Graphic View
Canon Motor Drive MA (to replace mine which has a damaged film rewind lever)
Graflex RB Series D 4x5
Manhattan Optical Cycle Wizard B 4x5
Exacta VX with 50mm f3.5 Tessar
Zenit-C with 50mm f3.5 Industar-50