I'm a small player too, but right now I'm looking at the $$$ pinch. I was asked to exhibit at a local gallery, scheduled for Aug/Sept. of this year. They wanted 30 to 40 large prints, framed larger. There was a grant I was applying for, a "folklife documentation grant", but the funding for such is just not there so there will be no bucks coming to help with this.

I've had to settle for using frames they have left over from a project they did with school children here a couple years ago. They have that many 16x16 black frames I'm "welcome to". That means I'll be printing small and matting them. All the matting, printing work and costs paper, films & chems for it will be on me. I would back out, but I hate to do that. I hate to not keep my word, but I'm definitely feeling the pinch and also feeling a bit uninspired.

I lost momentum because when they suggested I apply for this grant, it required a different artistic emphasis that what they'd originally asked for. That was fine, and I mentally switched tracks. I stopped what I was doing, expecting to go in a different direction to meet the criteria for the grant. Now that we've found this money isn't available, I'm back to square one with not much time left. It's a challenge I need to rise to. I do need some inspiration at this point.