Hi all,

You probably have not been aware of it, but after Sal Santamaura originally announced in this thread he had discovered the fascinating historic Kodak 1958 documentary titled "How film is made" on the internet, showing the production process of film in a Kodak plant as it happened 50 years ago, Ray Rogers, Denise and Louis Ross and others have been working hard on making an English subtitled version of the film available for all APUG members and visitors to enjoy.

The originally English language film was dubbed in Dutch here in the Netherlands, where it was uncovered as part of a heritage and finally digitized by Frank Bruinsma of the Super 8 Reversal Lab in the Netherlands. He put it on his website, where Sal found it.

Many thanks to Frank Bruinsma for allowing us to use his film and add subtitles to it. And thanks to everyone else who cooperated in the project or gave useful comments and background about the film in Sal's original thread.

So now I can officially announce the English subtitled version. You can view it from two websites: Denise's Light Farm website dedicated to all things related to emulsions and emulsion making, and from my personal website.

To spread the load a bit and to prevent to much traffic clogging up one or another web page:

My suggestion: throw a coin! Head is Denise's website, Reverse site is my website!

Denise's Light Farm film link:

My website's film link:

Enjoy and best to you all!,