A couple of other things that contributed to Chapter 11: One was the constant push to sell things to the customer. When a camera or other piece of hardware was purchased the clerk (I mean "sales associate") was pressured verbally and with bonuses to sell extended warranties with the camera. Most customers didn't want it, but were asked to sign a statement saying that the clerk did his/her job and did in fact offer the extended warranty to them. The clerk and manager would make a percentage of the sale. Lots of customers said, "Look, I don't want it!"

Customers were asked to join the film developing club. This club cost $15.00. The customer then got "free" double prints or a free roll of film. Most customers took their film somewhere else where they not only received really free double prints/film, but didn't have to join a club.

If a customer was paying by check, Ritz required a drivers license, no problem there, but they also required the expiration date from a credit card. This use to bother a lot of people. Some folks don't have credit cards and they were not allowed to write a check to Ritz Camera even with a valid license.

Managment often dropped the ball. Ads were not put in local newspapers, items not received in shipments, etc.

Like I said before, Ritz did have good qualites as well and many things have contributed to Chapter 11.