I'm guessing you're talking about a wireless remote shutter release here - like a wireless cable release. There was an outfit out of China on ebay that was selling these for about $50.00. I bought one and subsequently the items were removed by Ebay. I assumed I'd lost my money. But no - the item arrived, (registered mail from China no less) and it works a treat. I got the one with a Nikon plug but they did seem to advertise a range with different end plugs. Can't tell you why eBay pulled it and I was very surprised when it showed up.

If it's wireless strobe triggers you're talking about I think pocket wizard or quantum are probably the best. However, fotodiox out of Illinois have very good 16 channel triggers with two receivers for around $150. These have 1/4" connectors but come with two 1/8' adapters. I have one of these sets and it works very well. The two receivers are useful as with some lighting set-ups the light from the main strobe often doesn't trigger a "hidden" secondary fill. The second wireless receiver takes care of this.

Hope this helps.

Bob H