I went to Houston's Fotofest portfolio review in '92. My work was accepted into a very prestigious gallery. I was young, stupid, (and pregnant with #3!!) and never followed up after the initial show. Who knows what could have come from that review if I had just known what I was doing...

I know of many others who go to Fotofest and get gallery representation, images added to major collections, and even a book.

Can't speak for any other reviews, but I will willingly put down the sizeable fee to attend next time around (I am older, hopefully wiser, and the kids are almost grown!).

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I am interested what you get from the portfolio reviews. For entries I look at the venue and the judge to decide about the competition value. I think that writing for grants is something that one should try to do based on your work and not vice versa. Changing ideas just for perhaps money is very demoralizing.