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I am interested what you get from the portfolio reviews. For entries I look at the venue and the judge to decide about the competition value. I think that writing for grants is something that one should try to do based on your work and not vice versa. Changing ideas just for perhaps money is very demoralizing.
So far, solo museum show, and I'm on the schedule this summer with a commercial gallery in Boston. Not bad.

I have made a conscious effort to get my work out there this past year, and so far have done three review events. Two here in the Boston area, one in New Orleans, and plan to go to PhotoLucida in April. I have also done an online review called Critical Mass through PhotoLucida.

Sometimes, a reviewer needs to see the photographs a couple of times. The gallery saw them in Boston, and again, online when she contacted me.

All that said... you should have a cohesive body of work ready to show before making the investment in time and money for the reviews.