Jim.....What pics would you like? I think this set-up would work for both cameras and you would just have 2 separate foam inserts for each camera. Since this is a Samsonite it has the large front zippered area on the case on the outside front. There are two compartments separated with a stitch. I cut the thread and that opened up the entire front top to bottom and allowed me to put at least 3, if not 4, 12x20 holders inside the front compartment. The built- in handle pulls out and I just put the tripod on that handle and wrap it with a tight bungee cord and I'm off. Your only modification would be the inexpensive foam rubber cut out for each camera. That expense was $50 for foam rubber. I also have a 11x14 Deardorff and it just fits into the hole I cut out for the 12x20 and I can get more holders in the front for the 11x14. I have not put them in yet to see how many it will hold. I e-mailed Curt 10 pics of the cart and if you want those let me know along with any other specific shots. For my Lotus I needed at least 27 inches in length and this Samsonite is 30 inches so it was perfect. I would think your 8x20 would fit fine in that size. Let me know what you need. Mike Chapman, long-time friend and jack-of-all-things, did all the fabrication and mentioned he would do another one. Kind of like building a camera!....................Tav